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Maintaining a healthy work/life balance

Evelyn gives her advice on getting enough downtime outside work

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Not getting into college was a blessing in disguise

Karen was disappointed when she didn't get into college but it all worked out for the best

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Life as a young graduate teacher

A SpunOutter talks about faking it till you make it in the work place

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Surviving the service industry while in college

Ellie shares her tips for getting the work/life/study balance

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Getting enough sleep when working irregular hours

Make sure you get enough sleep when you're on the night-shift

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Dealing with issues in the workplace

From unpaid wages to workplace disputes, Laura shares her advice

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What are the most overused words on Irish CVs?

Are you motivated, driven, and enthusiastic? Well you're not the only one.

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Childcare options for young parents

Childcare is a really important decision for young parents to make - here are some of your options

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Working while you study

How to strike a balance between work and study.

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The key to success while both working and studying

McKenna Gates provides some great tips and tricks for keeping on top of things.

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The New Frontiers Entrepreneur Development Programme

Make your great idea a reality with funding and guidance from The New Frontiers

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Does my conviction still count?

Find out if the conviction you received as a youth has become 'spent'

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