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How to get a job in the EU

There are many vacancies waiting to be filled in EU bodies

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Employment supports for people with disabilities

Our handy guide to work resources tailored for you

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Competency based interview tips

Sample questions and answers to help you ace your job interviews

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Keeping your cool in a job interview

Tips on being your best self in an interview situation

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Tús: community work placement

Find out more about this community work placement scheme

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Tips for selling your skills to potential employers

It can be hard to know what an employer is looking for

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How can I reskill?

Want to increase your chance in the job market?

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Understanding a job description

Paying attention to the details

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Does university prepare you for the working world?

Are you being education to a good enough standard for current-day employers

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How to stay motivated in work?

Tips to help you get motivated.

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Practical steps to take to find a summer job

Jamie talks about some practical things you can do to help get your name and CV out to emmployers

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Finding that summer job

SpunOutter Olivia Minnock looks at creative ways of making money this summer.

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