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Early Childhood Care and Education Scheme

A year of free early childhood care and education in Ireland

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How to get sleep as a new parent

It's not always easy to catch some sleep when you have a baby

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Social welfare guide for lone parents

What payments am I entitled to?

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Childcare options for young parents

Childcare is a really important decision for young parents to make - here are some of your options

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Tips for young parents going back to education

Going back to education after having children is a big step, so here we give you advice about how to do it

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What is the Working Family Payment?

Getting to grips with this support for families on low incomes

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Are you entitled to Parental Leave?

What is it and who can take it?

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One-Parent Family Payment

How to know if you're eligible and how to apply for it

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Child Benefit: Who's entitled to it and how do you get it?

Your questions on Child Benefit answered

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The story with step-parent adoption

All you need to know if you're considering adopting your spouse's child

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Access, guardianship and custody - how does it work?

If you're a single parent, here's where you stand with legal rights and responsibilities to your child

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Everything you need to know about child maintenance

Sorting out the finances between single parents

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