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Elizabeth writes about her fitness and nutrition experience

Written by Elizabeth Keyes


Like many, my mission of the moment is to get fit. Yeah I've tried and failed a few times but here's hoping I actually stick to a plan this time! I've joined a new gym (FlyeFit Drumcondra – unreal), invested in some sweet gym gear and I'm ready to go – all guns blazing. But where does one who has a very limited knowledge about exercise even begin?

First of all, and this was a big deal for me, I had to stop pretending I know what I'm doing. As an advocate for 'winging it' when it comes to pretty much anything life throws at me (prime example – "Hey, Liz, why don't you give blogging a go!"), I like to just dive into something without any prior research and learn from my mistakes as I go. However, when it comes to exercise, your 'mistakes' may just land you with a serious injury. So, I swallowed my self-sufficient, independent-woman-who-don't-need-no-instruction mind-set and asked for help (yuck). I walked right into that gym and openly admitted to a trainer that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. No, he didn't laugh, no he wasn't intimidating, no he didn't kick me out and mock me in front of all his muscular, attractive colleagues, he showed me what to do! Simples! He was my guardian angel in the form of a body builder. He gave me a simple demo on how the various machines work, suggested a vague workout plan to get me started and explained how to set out a strategy to achieve my fitness goals. I felt lib-er-a-ted! I was this new Tammy Hembrow wannabe, hittin' up the gym and no one could stop me! (Yas kween slay)

The next day, I hopped out of bed… pain. Everywhere. Ew. But it was a good pain! This was pain I had earned! I cockily approached my bedroom mirror expecting to be practically glowing, the picture of health, a sight for sore eyes, maybe even find a few faint signs of abs appearing (a gal can dream). Alas, I looked no different than the day before (worse actually, let's be realistic, I just woke up). It was then I realised, this may take a while.

Next things next, FOOD! I need to be healthy, I want to get lean so just a diet of kale water and air, right? – Wrong (thank Jaysus – as appetising as that sounds). I got myself a little notebook and wrote myself a food plan to go with my workout plan and soon I'd be fit – great stuff, easy peasy! I'd plan my food for the week, do a food shop and only buy the ingredients I intended to cook for my meals (avoiding that pesky sweets isle – not to mention the half price Ben & Jerry's).

My plan for a day would look a little like – Monday: Breakfast; porridge with cinnamon and banana, Lunch; chickpea salad with some fruit and a handful of almonds, Dinner; chicken and brown rice with broccoli, Snacks: rice cakes with hummus. Sound easy? It IS easy! I'm now about a week and a half into this trying-to-be-healthy routine and I have to say I'm already feeling a difference! I have more energy, my nails are stronger and my skin is clearer. As for my bod, well, I'm sore all over so something must be happening but I ain't exactly toning up yet (it's early days, lads).

Another thing I love are workout classes! FlyeFit have so many classes which are all free if you're a member (again, unreal). My housemates are all on board and we've been trying out things like spinning classes and kettlebell workouts and circuit training, none of which I've ever done before but let me tell you they're so FUN like they make you question why people hate exercise so much this stuff is pure BANTER! … But then you wake up the next day feeling like your muscles have been ran over by a steam-roller. Not so banter. But all-in-all 10/10 would recommend.

So there you have it. Just another basic b*tch eating avocado toast and gettin' sweaty in a spin class hoping it all will yield some kind of results (whilst of course still having the odd cheeky Maccy-D's after a night out or chocolate and jellies while watching a movie!). So if you can relate at all to my endeavour, some similar kick-start to your fitness journey may just work for you too! You don't even have to join a gym, just get a little more active – walk wherever you can, take the stairs as opposed to the elevator, try out some home workouts on your bedroom floor (there are great ones to be found on youtube – Blogilates is a personal fave of mine!), whatever it takes to get moving a little more. This is probably the longest I've stuck to a workout/eat-well regime (a week and a half, I deserve a damn medal I know) but fingers crossed I can keep it up this time because consistency is key. Pray for me!

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