SpunOut.ie’s New Accessibility Options

Making our information more accessible to young people everywhere

Written by Cian O'Mahony


At SpunOut.ie, we pride ourselves on providing reliable information to young people so they can lead healthier, happier lives. When we relaunched SpunOut.ie last November we made sure that the website worked well for our users who view the website using a screen reader. Today, we are taking further steps towards making our information accessible to all young people, regardless of their vision. 

Introducing 'High Contrast Mode' for SpunOut.ie

Our first update is what we are calling 'High Contrast Mode'. This setting does a few things which will help readers with colour blindness or poor vision to more easily read SpunOut.ie's 2,000+ pages. It dramatically increases the contrast (shades of colours) between the background, text and structure of the website so things stand out far more. This makes the website easier to read and far clearer to understand. Not a single piece of information has changed, just how it looks. Users with colour blindness will also notice how we do not use multiple colours and keep the display clean, putting the information front and centre. 

'Dynamic Font Control' across the entire website

Another new feature for the website is better control over the websites' font size. Since November we offered users the ability to increase the font size on articles, now we are delighted to announce that you can do the same for every piece of text on every page. The text on the navigation area, reccomended articles and rccommend services will all increase with the articles's text size. This will allow our readers to find the information they need and view it in a way that they like. 

Our committment to more accessible information for everyone

We at SpunOut.ie are firmly committed to making our information accessible to all readers. We are constantly looking at ways to improve what we have, and offer more options in the future. We hope you enjoy these features and can't wait to bring you more in the future, after all, the internet is for everyone.


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