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New Podcast “Mincéirs: Paving the Way” with Hosts Latisha McCrudden and Emma Ward

‘Mincéirs: Paving the Way’ highlights the unique issues faced by the Traveller community, and encourages individuals to feel empowered and confiden...

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Why I’m worried about the Government’s proposal on Disability Reform

Written by Ross Boyd

The Irish Government wants to change how certain social welfare payments work, but Ross is worried the new system might make it hard for people wit...

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Why I am voting no on the care referendum

Written by Ross Boyd

With a referendum on the way Ross shares how he decided he will vote yes on the family amendment, but why the care amendment worries him.

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Why sports is important to friendships between men

Written by Craig Doyle

Craig discusses the significance that sports has on societal norms when men form and sustain friendships.

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How the climate crisis is impacting people in the global south

Written by Fatima Ismail

Speaking with a local from Sudan in North Africa, Fatima reveals how rising global temperatures unfairly affect the Global South.

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Greenwashing, COP 28, and why we, as young people, are the answer

Written by Peter O'Neill

Peter O'Neill dives into the world of greenwashing at COP 28, the climate conference, and how we can take action against it.

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‘Our culture is not your costume’: avoiding cultural appropriation this Halloween

Written by Hio Weng Angela Chu

Hio Weng Angela Chu discusses their experience with cultural appropriation in Halloween costumes and highlights the importance of cultural sensitiv...

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Why reporting racism is a challenge in Irish schools

Written by Bel Nabulele

Bel discusses the challenge of reporting racism in Irish schools and their experience of teachers with unconscious bias.

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We need to truly nurture the potential of students in schools

Written by Darragh Walsh

Darragh details how schools should nurture students' interests and draw out their individual potential for a more meaningful education.

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