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Top 20 festival tips

Check out SpunOut's top festival tips

Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in life

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This year there has never been more outdoor concerts and festivals happening around the country. Whether you’re camping or a day-goer, there are some very important things you need to consider.

  1. Baby wipes. There will be lots of mess and a lack of clean facilities so there is no excuse for not being prepared. It’s festival 101!
  2. Sunscreen. Yeah, yeah, we’re in Ireland, it’ll probably be a washout but whether it’s rain or shine you are still going to be exposed to the sun rays and looking like a lobster is not a good festival look. Also, include sunglasses to add extra protection and score extra brownie points for festival fashion.
  3. Dry shampoo. Ok, so this is pretty much just for the ladies but an essential nonetheless. It’ll be a saviour for the three day old, greasy locks.
  4. Condoms. Both lads and gals should come prepared. Tents may not be sexy but the great music and alcohol can all play its part, and before you know it, you're getting down and dirty with someone. Always practice safer sex and use a condom during sex. Remember that you can also catch STIs from oral sex.
  5. Dress appropriately. Bring clothes for all weather, prob best to wear lots of layers that you can take off if it gets too hot, and put on if it starts to rain. Don't forget to read our article on festival fashion.
  6. Waterproof poncho. You'll need one and they'll try to charge you a small fortune on the site if you don't have your own.
  7. Black bags. Might seem strange but if things end up being a washout, black bags will be handy for keeping your wellies/wet clothes separate from the rest of your tent’s contents over the weekend.
  8. Anti-bacterial hand gel. Have you seen those port-a-loos? All of the germs. Ugh.
  9. Toilet roll. No explanation needed.
  10. Bring food and snacks. Food at festivals is expensive! Bring plenty of snacks like cereal bars with you to help keep the hunger at bay. It will save you a fortune and save you from wasting a lot of time in long queues.

  1. Bring a torch. Helpful for navigating your way around the campsite late at night.
  2. Leave the valuables at home. Nobody wants to spend the day constantly checking that your awesome camera is still in your bag or hoping that your iPod is still in your tent so only bring the bare essentials.
  3. Choose a meeting point. In the not-so-unlikely event that you get separated from your friends, have somewhere picked before hand to meet. Preferably somewhere identifiable and not the corner of the fast food stand…which fast food stand? They’ll all look the same when you get lost!
  4. Fully charged phone. Make sure you have a full battery on your phone for the day in case of emergencies and if you’re there for the weekend, find out where there are phone-charging facilities around the camp. Make sure you have all your friends' contact details written down somewhere in case you lose your phone or your battery dies.
  5. Pace yourself. Alcohol will more than likely be consumed so pace yourself. It’s going to be a long day/weekend so take breaks and drink plenty of water in between alcohol, as it will keep you hydrated and prevent a hangover from hell. Remember, there's no point spending a fortune on the festival experience if you can't remember any of it the next day. Besides, drinking too much will mean you’ll spend too much time queuing for the toilets and missing out on the music. Generally, drunkenness will mean missing the music because you’re puking in a portaloo or lost looking for friends so keep your wits about you.
  6. Alcohol and drugs. Never leave your drink unattended, or accept a drink from someone you don't know, as it could be spiked. Try not to mix alcohol with drugs as it can have nasty side-effects. If you have taken drugs and feel ill, make your way to the first aid area, and tell them what you've taken so they know how to treat you. Check out our information on alcohol and drugs.
  7. Safety and help. If you fear for your safety or a friend's, don't be afraid to talk to the stewards and security on site or members of St John's Ambulance service.  
  8. I've been assaulted. If you have been a victim of rape or an assault it is very important that you report it immediately. It is also important that you get checked by a medical professional, so make sure you visit the first-aid area and let someone know what has happened.
  9. I'm feeling really down. The combination of too much rain or sun, or alcohol and drugs, can be enough to make anyone feel miserable. If you do need to talk to someone, remember that there is always help out there. Make your way to the first-aid area, or talk to a steward and let them know how you are feeling.
  10. Camping. If you’re camping, it’s a good idea to get there early to get a good spot to pitch up your tent. Try to avoid camping near the toilets as after a day of thousands of users, they’ll start to stink. Also, before you leave home, check that you have all the bits and pieces you need for putting up your tent. You don’t want to arrive and realise you left the bag of pegs on the kitchen table.  

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Published May 22nd, 2013
Last updated February 28th, 2018
Tags festivals music summer holidays
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