Julie O’Leary ( Fine Gael- Cork City North West )

The local elections take place on Friday the 24th May, 2019

Written by spunout

Name: Julie O’Leary

Age: 29

Preferred pronouns: She/Her

Party: Fine Gael

Local Electoral Area: Cork City North West

Is this your first time running? No- I ran in the General Election in 2016. Came pretty close to getting elected so thought it was worth giving another shot.

What were your reasons for running as a young person in politics? This is the best time for young people to get involved in politics, especially in Cork. The Cork City boundary has been extended, and under the Ireland 2040 plan, Cork is going to grow at twice the rate of Dublin for the next ten years. We have an opportunity to get stuck in and get our infrastructure, planning, public transport and housing right- avoiding mistakes that have been made elsewhere. We can make this the best city in Ireland to live. I want to massively improve public transport in Cork and support the many small businesses around the city.

I’m renting at the moment and would like to buy a home someday- I want to see building affordable homes prioritised by Cork City Council. I want to live in Cork for the next 50 or 60 years: I want somewhere affordable to live, buses, cycle lanes and a thriving city. That’s why I want to get involved in Cork City Council right now- this is about our future.

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