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12 services that can support you through a mental health difficulty

Talk to someone in person, text, call or go online

Written by Helen Carroll and posted in opinion

This is an opinion of a young person and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of It is one person's experience and may be different for you. If you'd like to write something for please contact

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Everyone feels low at some point, it’s simply inevitable. It’s part of the human condition and something we all experience. The problem is when it persists for longer than normal, gets in the way of you living your normal life, or develops into something more like depression or other possible mental illnesses. Study after study is showing that stress levels amongst young people are skyrocketing.

If you broke your leg, you wouldn’t decide that it’s too much hassle to go to the A&E and get it fixed, so why do we put our mental health on the backburner so easily?

We all need help at times, it’s a fact. Admitting to yourself that you can’t handle it alone is a massive step in itself and I am seriously proud of anyone who manages that, as it requires being honest about your abilities to cope.

This article has a list of various ways you can get help, so there is an option here for everyone.

Organisations that can help


They are a fantastic organisation you can call, email, or drop into one of their centres for free counselling. Their service is open to all ages and you don’t have to be in a crisis to use their service. They will also refer you to another organisation if they can help you better. Fantastically organised and would 100% recommend as a starting point for anyone seeking help. You can find more details about their service on our Help database.


Instant messaging online that is aimed at college students, open from 9pm – 2:30am during term time. More information on

Instant messaging online for all ages. You can pick what category you want to chat about (the list of categories is massive). Wait times to get a “listener” can be long enough but it is well worth it. More information on


Aware provide support on the phone and group therapy for people dealing with depression. They also provide support mail for those who prefer to email. They  provide an online programme called Life skills which is based around CBT skills. You can freephone Aware, Monday-Sunday, 10am-10pm on 1800 80 48 48. More information on


Childine provide support for any person under the age of 18. Free phone service and text support (although they may not reply instantly if it is outside working hours). They also have an extensive forum board where they answer any question people anonymously submit. They also provide an online chat service where you can chat to someone in real time. More information on


Bodywhys provide online support as well as phone and face-to-face counselling for those affected by eating disorders. More information on

The Gardaí

In an emergency situation, the Gardaí have people employed with special training to help someone who is in immediate danger or is in an emergency. If your issue is not an immediate danger, do not call them and instead get in touch with another organisation I have listed. Call 999 or 112 to get in touch in an emergency.

Provides completely non-judgemental advice and support for those who use or have used drugs. They have a “live helper” service which will let you chat to a trained staff member online if you want. More infromation on

Feeling anxious, sad or lonely? Going through a tough time? Turn2me are there to help. They provide group support and online counselling, as well as having an extensive list of information and self-help resources. More information on

Friends and family

It’s an obvious one if you feel you can do it, as admitting that you’re not coping very well to someone you know can be very difficult for some, but remember your friends or family only want to help.


Jigsaw is a free mental health service that provides support to young people aged 12-25. There are currently 10 jigsaw hubs around the country, to find out if there is one near you please check out

Pieta House

Pieta House is a free support service that provides help to people who are in suicidal distress and those who engage in self-harm. There are a number of Pieta House centres around the country. Visit for more information

Seriously, the list of groups who want to help you is long. As you can see there’s so many resources out there and I haven't included them all. You won’t be judged by any one of them and everything you say is 100% confidential unless you are at immediate risk or harming yourself or someone else.

For more support services who can help check out Spunout's support services database

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Published Jan­u­ary 6th2016
Last updated July 5th2018
Tags support help mental health
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