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All articles by Emma O'Toole

Why the clean eating movement is harmful to my anorexia recovery volunteer Emma talks about the fitness and clean eating movement on social media and the impact it can have

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Small changes we can make to live more sustainably

Emma talks about small steps we can all take to reduce our impact on the environment.

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Attend Fresh Film Festival's "Young Filmmakers of the Year 2019" Heats

Book now to ensure your place at the heats around the country

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The top vegan restaurants in Dublin to visit this year

Looking for delicious vegan food in Dublin? Emma has put together a list of her favourite spots for you to try.

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Why I've decided to become a vegan

After doing some research, Emma started to cut out animal products from her diet one by one.

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Emma's beetroot veggie burger recipe

These are great to make in bulk and defrost when you need them.

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Emma's hearty lentil pie recipe

This vegetarian recipe is filling, tasty and a nice dish for a cold winter evening

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Emma's vegan courgette porridge recipe

Have you ever added vegetables to your porridge? This courgette porridge is delicious and helps get more vegetables in your diet

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Emma's simple oat bread recipe

This bread is really easy to make with ingredients that you hopefully already have in your cupboards

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Emma's chickpea 'cookie dough' snack recipe

If you're looking for a healthier alternative to go with your morning tea, give these a try

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