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All articles by Aine Ahern

How our responses empower us or hold us back

Aine shares a story from her childhood that helped her learn how important our responses can be

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How sport has positively impacted my life

Having played many sports over the years, Aine talks about how they've helped her become the person she is today

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What you can learn from listening to your ego

Are you surprised how you react to things sometimes? Aine argues it can be related to how you view yourself.

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Why noticing our body language is so important

Have you noticed someone is happy, angry or sad without them saying a word?

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Why it's so important to foster different types of intelligence

Aine argues that great minds do not think alike and we should encourage all types of intelligence

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Why I'd rather make mistakes than live with regrets

Picking the wrong college course or career path is not always a bad thing. You can learn from every experience you have.

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Finding happiness while juggling all life throws at you

Aine talks about what happiness means to her and how it has changed over the years

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How I feel deciding my next move after college

Having recently graduated, Aine talks about how deciding what to do next is daunting, but everyone will find their path.

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