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All articles by Caitlin Grant

Why all young people should try the Model European Union

Caitlin talks about her week with the Model European Union and why she enjoyed the experience so much

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How my unexpected gap year helped me grow

There are so many things you can do during a gap year, whether you've planned it or not

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Why I decided to run a marathon this year

Caitlin always enjoyed running 5km but this year has set herself the challenge of running a marathon

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Why I'm happy with my decision not to drink volunteer Caitlin talks about Ireland's drinking culture and why she doesn't drink alcohol

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How running helps my physical and mental health

Running gives Caitlin a chance to clear her head and lifts her energy levels for the day

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My experience at the EU Youth Dialogue in Romania

The three days at the EU Youth Dialogue is an experience Caitlin will never forget

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Important lessons I've learned from living abroad

Caitlin moved to the Middle East with her family and learned a lot through the experience

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How working in retail has helped my self-confidence

Caitlin says she is a naturally anxious person, but her new job has helped her in ways she never imagined

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Why I struggled to find the right course for me

Caitlin talks about her thought process when choosing the college course that suits her.

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Deciding the school subjects and career choice for me

Caitlin's talks about her journey through 5th and 6th year, as well as how she figured out the career for her.

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