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All articles by Ross Boyd

The benefits of commuting on a bikeĀ 

Ross recently started cycling instead of taking buses and trains, and has noticed the physical and mental health benefits

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My experience as a youth delegate at the EU Energy Forum

Ross talks about the two day Citizen's Forum and what he learned throughout the time

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The best steps to take to record your own podcast

After doing a podcast for a year in college, Ross has some tips for getting started

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My tips for managing your time in college

It can be difficult to manage your time in college with so much going on. Ross has some tips that he found useful

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My opportunity to learn about the Global Ireland 2025 strategy

Ross recently attended the Global Ireland Summit where he listened to some interesting panel discussion

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Showing politicians how youth work changes lives in Ireland

Ross attended the Youth Work Changes Lives event in Dublin recently and shares his experience

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Why it's important to vote in the European elections

Voting is an opportunity to show which issues are important to you, and to help shape a brighter future for young people in Ireland

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How to get involved in politics as a young person

Ross gives some advice for young people interested in finding out more about political parties and local candidates.

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How blogging created many new opportunities for me

Ross talks about how one small activity can lead to lots of new opportunities if you're open to them.

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