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All articles by Isabel Schulte-Austum

Is Artificial Intelligence the future of mental health care?

Isabel talks about how she believes artificial intelligence is a helpful tool for mental health care

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What happens when you give blood?

Isabel gives blood as often as she can and talks us through the process

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Why it's important to look at the positives of social media

Isabel talks about the positive aspects of Instagram and how it can bring communities together

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Why 'New Year New Me' should be about self-love and acceptance

Do your New Year's resolutions make you feel bad about yourself? If so, maybe it's time to look at your resolutions differently

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How I started my eating disorder recovery journey

Looking back over the last three years, Isabel explains why November is an important time for her in her recovery.

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My tips for managing mental health at school or in college

Isabel has some practical advice which might help you cope during the school year

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Does Mindfulness live up to the hype?

Isabel talks about different mindfulness techniques and how they can help you each day

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How my self-soothe box helps when I'm feeling anxious

Isabel focuses on the five senses to help her stay calm and focused when she is feeling anxious

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What I wish I knew before studying abroad

After studying in France, Isabel thinks about the important point she wish she'd known before going abroad

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