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All articles by Jodie Kenny

How to deal the end of a friendship

Fighting with your best friend can be really difficult to deal with and stressful for you both. Jodie shares some advice.

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Six months of volunteering

Jodie's volunteering experience made a big difference to her life

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Finding the right course for you

Choosing a course is a big decision but not as scary as you think

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Tips for submitting your thesis

Everything you need to know for a stress free thesis

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The positive side of social media

Social media can do some good too

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Exercising when you feel depressed

Jodie gives her advice on staying active when you have a mental health issue

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Living with stretch marks

You can get stretch marks from pregnancy, a growth spurt or weight changes

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Things I wish people understood about my mental illness

Do you do these things?

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My life with Binge Eating Disorder

Jodie writes about her experience of BED

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Me and my Thyroid

Jodie writes about the importance of going to doctor when you feel like something isn't right

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