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All articles by Evelyn Coffin

Are you oversharing online?

What are the issues with putting too much info online

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Tips for finding the right therapist for you

Evelyn shares her advice for getting the best therapist

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What to do about debt

There are ways out of debt

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Non-academic activities to help land you a job

When you're fresh out of school, it can be hard to figure out what to put on your CV

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Your rights as a consumer

Find out all you need to know about receipts, refunds and exchanges

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Your rights as an online consumer

The Consumer Rights Directive covers you for a lot of online purchasing issues

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How to be more organised

Great tips on improving your time management and organisation skills

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Your rights when dealing with problems during your tenancy

Evelyn takes a look at everything from increased rent to noisy neighbours

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Looking for a place to rent

Things to consider and be aware of before you sign the lease

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All you need to know about your rights when it comes to housing repairs

If you're renting a property, there are certain things you should be aware of

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