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We found 38 results for vegetarian.

How to make vegetarian casserole

Get your 5-a-day with this hearty and delicious veggie casserole recipe

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Achieving a balanced vegetarian or vegan diet

Vitamins and nutrients to include in a vegetarian or vegan diet

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How to make stir-fry vegetables

This great vegetarian recipe that will fill you up in no time

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How to make vegetable risotto

Looking to try a new recipe? This vegetarian risotto recipe is quick, easy and delicious

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How to make veggie burgers

This vegetarian burger recipe is quick and easy to follow if you're having a busy evening

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How to make vegetable curry

If you're trying to eat less meat, this is a great vegetarian recipe to give a try

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How to make vegetable lasagne

This is a great new recipe to try if you're looking for a delicious and filling dinner in under an hour

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How to make vegetable pasta bake

This is a healthy veggie option that won't break the bank

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Emma's beetroot veggie burger recipe

These are great to make in bulk and defrost when you need them.

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How to make a cheese and onion potato bake

Make this delish meat-free feast in just over 30 minutes

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How to make vegetable goulash

This gorgeous stew recipe is super simple to make and really hearty

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My advice for changing to a plant based lifestyle

Chloe has been a vegetarian for two years and has some advice for anyone thinking of going vegan or vegetarian

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