6 tips on time management

Ace your exams with tips on managing your study time

Written by Sana Zulfiqar


You know you are screwed when you see piles of homework and assignments that you don’t have time for. Don’t worry we all go through this 'not-even-getting-time-to-breath' phase. I complied up lists of tips that could help you manage your time. 

1. Plan 

The best way to combat the overload of homework is to make a study plan. After coming to home from school sit down and write what you got for today. Prioritise a lot. Do the most important thing first. Things that are due early or will affect your grade significantly should get most of your attention. 

Planning also involves knowing what days you have tests or important exams. So you could study a little each day for a month or two which is much more effective than cramming the same material in a week. 

2. Breakup the big projects

To tackle big projects that take up most of your time, break them up in smaller chucks. These smaller chucks are much more manageable. They ensure that you are not stressed thinking about how long this project is. 

Example: If you have to finish an art prep sheet that involves 7 or 8 drawings that is due in a week. Make a deadline and draw one or two drawings each day. That way you will be finished with it in no time. 

3. Find your system

Everyone is different so only you know how you work. Know whether you are a night owl or an early bird. You'll be more efficient if you work when you're at your best. 

4. Keep yourself on track

When you take a break don’t make it a holiday. Stick to the plan that you made. Turn off any temptations that make you lose hours of your precious time. Temptations can include Facebook, Youtube or your smartphone. Turn off your phone or keep it far away from you or give it to someone in your family. There are great blocking websites that will block addictive websites or apps for you.

5. Reward yourself

We all know how hard is it to study especially if you hate the subject with passion. Always give yourself rewards for studying good or finishing a big project. Break you study time into periods of 10 or 15 minutes breaks, in which give yourself a reward. For example in that time I might read a book or go for a walk. 

6. Stay organised

The best way to save a lot of time is to stay organised. Write notes for theory subjects such a Biology and Business studies. Keep these notes in a folder and whenever teacher gives you anything put it where it should be. Most of the time we leave things to last minute or just throw them in our bags. When we need them, we waste a lot of time trying to find them. If you are in 5th year now, this tip should become your motto. You will be thankful for the colorful notes when you are overwhelmed by pre mocks, mocks and college applications. 


In the end stay committed and don’t give up. Manage your time well and you will find time for TV and friends.

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