Romance on the cheap

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to cost a bomb.

Written by Carmel Sayers


Each year people loath the money grabber that is Valentine’s Day. The gaudy pink flowers and cheesy cards to name a few things people are suckered into buying out of tradition.  Did you know the art of romance could be reduced to little or nothing?

No matter how picky or serious your relationship stands, these cheap gift ideas will earn you a true expression of love this Valentine’s Day. Even if it is last minute!

Write them a love letter or poem

This sentiment practically costs nothing and expresses your adoration for your mate. And don’t worry if you feel that you’re not the best writer. Just recount why they makes you happy or something, which holds special to your relationship. Believe me; what ever you do this will be appreciated.

Create a Valentines box

If you have been going out more than three months, this unique gift is perfect. Write numerous love notes or memories starting with the sentence “remember the time”. And add in a few of his favourite chocolates for good measure.

Create IOU Coupons

In case you don’t know what they are, an IOU Coupon is a coupon that can be exchanged for a service. And it’s probably the most thoughtful gift, which doesn’t decompose the wallet. So what do you do? 1) Buy a receipt book with tear out pages. 2) On every page fill in what you are going to do. Try to divide them between the mundane – Get out of an argument and fun things like adventurous French kissing.

Bake something

I know this isn’t exactly the most original gift but by making them yourself you’re adding an extra something to the mix that no expensive luxury can compete with. If they have no real preference for a certain cake then bake something relating to what they are into such as decorating basic cupcakes with Pokémon style icing.

Create an indoor picnic

Use whatever available supplies you have i.e. picnic tablecloth, paper goods. You can enjoy your picnic on the sitting room floor or under the covers in bed. Share finger food, treats and whatever else tickles your fancy. Play card games, board games, or whatever works best. Either way they are going to love it.

Make a framed group of photos

Using a selection of images place your relationship in chronological order of events, by months or years (depending on how long you’ve been together). And if you are a whiz with editing, why not make it a slideshow with thoughts you had about your relationship along the way.

Write “I love you because…” notes within balloons

Blow up the balloons, and spread the balloons throughout your bedroom for your Valentine to pop and capture each message. 

Create an acrostic

My best advice would be to make this acrostic into a poster for your favoutite person. Much like the Keep Calm and Carry on Posters or something along that line. For every letter of their name write a quality you admire about them or a reason you love them. (Example: “SCOT… You are Sweet. Compassionate. Openhearted. Twenty-million times better than I could have ever asked for.”)

Whatever you decide to do this Valentine’s Day, make it count. A holiday doesn’t become special because it’s a world-celebrated phenomenon. Use these inexpensive ideas to make it uniquely memorable, even if it is last minute.

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