My top 5 tips to relax when feeling anxious

Switching off can be difficult when dealing with anxiety. Have you tried any of these ways to relax?

Written by Ellen Devlin


One of the hardest things to deal with when you struggle with anxiety is how hard it is to relax. It feels as if your brain will never switch off and it’s absolutely exhausting. Over the years I’ve found a few ways to make relaxing a little bit easier, I hope they help you too!

1. Have a bath

A bath is the most comforting thing in the world, ever. I love listening to music or watching Netflix in the bath, it’s my perfect way to end the day. It’s so relaxing and it forces you to stay still and concentrate on something, whether it’s a book, some music, or your favourite show. I find that when I get out of the bath I’m always in a much better headspace than I was before, and I definitely feel a bit better.

2. Watch one of your favourite movies or TV shows

I really love watching TV and movies and there are certain movies and TV shows that I find really comforting. When I’m feeling down, I’ll put on one of them to calm me down a bit and it nearly always works. My go to TV show is Friends, everyone loves it for a reason! It’s light and funny and there are certain episodes that I watch all the time because they never fail to cheer me up! Age of Adaline and Mamma Mia are great movies to help me relax too, they’re so comforting which is exactly what you need when you’re feeling low.

3. Talking about how you’re feeling with others

It’s hard to relax when there is something on your mind which is bothering you, so it can really help to share what you’re going through with someone else. It could be a friend, a sibling, a parent, anyone really it doesn’t matter! Sometimes even just saying how you feel out loud can make it seem less scary.

4. Do something creative

Focusing all of your attention on something can actually make it easier to switch your brain off, even if it doesn’t sound like it will work! If I’m in desperate need of some relaxation time but my brain is having none of it, I like to draw, write or play guitar for a while to keep me occupied. You’ll find that you’ll feel a lot more relaxed once you’re actually doing something other than worrying about not being able to relax!

5. Make your bedroom a nice environment

It’s hard to feel relaxed and zen when you’re surrounded by mess, so taking a few minutes everyday to give your room a quick tidy can do wonders. Having nice decorations in your room like photos of you and your friends or fairy lights if they’re your thing can help you feel more safe and happy in your space, which in turn should help you feel a bit more relaxed.


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