Welcoming the New year with a few changes

Rebecca gives her tips for starting anew in the New Year

Written by Rebecca Lalor


With only a few weeks to go until the New Year says hello, social media can start to pester us about a new year, a new you. Do you make New Years resolutions? The majority of us will answer yes. But here's a trickier question. How many of you will actually stick to them? 

This is the part where we hum and haw and say something like ''I do for a week, and then it all goes a bit meh''. Sound familiar? Don't worry. I am one of them. So if you're struggling over the idea of deciding what 'the new you' is going to achieve, here's a few ideas.

1. Make a change

Do something big like changing your hairstyle or treat yourself to something small that slightly changes up your appearance, like getting your eyebrows done. 

2. Start a fitness routine

This is one of the golden oldies that always seems to spiral downwards after a few weeks of 'hitting the gym with those Xmas vouchers'. Don't let it happen people. Set yourself an ACHIEVABLE goal, like participating in  the Flora Women's mini Marathon or The Dun Laoghaire Colour Run or even something easier, like working daily on your glutes and legs for that end of term night out. Buy a pretty notebook and write down every bit of activity that you do in a week. Feel the glow as it all adds up. 

3. Detox your lifestyle

Take a minute to go through everything that is happening in your life right now, socially, work and at home. Are you surrounding yourself with positive people? If there is that one pessimistic friend that always seems to be moaning, back away. Harsh, but you're not doing yourself any good trying to become a better person with people like that dragging you down. There is enough to worry about without worrying about other people's problems. 

4. Awaken your inner creative by getting your life in order

Write down all the things that you hope to achieve in the near future. Once they are down in a journal you'll feel way more inclined to do something. Make lists and tick things off as you go. Make a bucket list of places you would love to visit and hold onto ticket stubs and memorabilia from gigs. 

5. Have a technology detox

The next time you find yourself 73 weeks deep into some random girls Insta feed, stop and remind yourself how much time you're wasting. TRY to switch off your phone for a couple of hours at the weekend and actually TALK to your family, meet up with real friends etc.  All in all, try and up your level of mindfulness. It's actually pretty interesting, so read up about it. 

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