A week in the life of a ‘Couch Potato’

A week of holidays isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Written by Aoife Thomas


Finally, exams were over and the January blues meant that my part time job was put on hold for a week. Second semester of college wasn’t starting back till the following Monday ultimately leaving me FREE for a whole week. My time was my own to do what I pleased, any ‘to do’ lists were scrapped, my college notes found themselves in the deepest darkest corner of my room and my work uniform remained at the bottom of the wash pile. I couldn’t wait for a week of doing absolutely nothing. It’s Wednesday! Cabin fever has set in.

I’m not sure if I can sit through another lie detector test on Jeremy Kyle or have Alan Hughes tell me what the weather is like outside. For the first time in…. forever my room is spotlessly clean, with my clothes sorted by colour and style along with an organizational structure of my shoes and make-up. I can tell you the death notices from this week’s local news without having to even look at the newspaper and my couch is now embedded with a lovely ‘me’ shape. Not doing anything is soul destroying. For me personally I have worked in a part time job since I was 16 and studying in school or college all my life. A week of having no chores or study or work is the worst possible thing I could have experienced.

In any case it has increased my motivation to finish college and finding a full time job. Scary thing is, I am now into my last ever semester of college and the next few months are filled with the unknown of what is going to happen next. This week of strengthening my relationship with the couch is a serious ‘no no’ in terms of what to do with the rest of my life. It is just not me! So as a result of my research, I advise those who like, myself hate sitting around with no plan in motion or project at hand to not welcome a free week with open arms, it is not all it’s cracked up to be and by Thursday you will be tearing your hair out.

Dig out that project that you were saving for a rainy day

Of course appreciate the value of the rare day off that you are offered during a busy week. Days like Sundays are brilliant after a long weekend of usual alcohol related antics and the day before another week of work. Therefore Sunday is specifically designed for couch, duvets, roast dinners and movies. If it’s lashing rain outside count it as a bonus. You really don’t have any reason to move.

However, the rest of the week is filled with ‘active’ days so if you find yourself with some up and coming free time have a look at the volunteer work that is almost always staring you in the face when you don’t have the time to do it, well now you do. Or dig out that project that you were saving for a rainy day, here is your chance; just make sure it takes you the majority of the week to do it.

Stockpile on the entertainment or use the week to make the visits to old friends and family that you didn’t get to over Christmas. Also, don’t forget to stash the cash in advance just in case you really are at a loose end for something to do, not having money won’t help ease the boredom. You’ll be glad you did, Enjoy!

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