European event proves young people are passionate about politics

Olivia talks about how her experience with the Model European Union Strasbourg (MEUS) has shown her the passion which young people have for politics

Written by Olivia Powell


It’s 7pm. A group of 200 people are walking through the city centre of Strasbourg, France and we are in awe of the picturesque buildings which run along the river, and the city’s Cathedral which towers over us as we look up in astonishment. But where are we going?

Our first social activity of Model European Union Strasbourg 2019 – the ‘Eurofeast’, where participants were asked to bring food and drinks from our home country. All 200 of us, participants and organisers, gathered in a small café in the centre of Strasbourg. We paced back and forth between tables, which were each marked with the name of a European country and presented an abundance of cultural specialities. All participants came bearing gifts – stroopwafels from the Netherlands, pasta from Italy and Baileys from Ireland, to name a few.

This event was an entertaining start to the week and a wonderful way to meet fellow participants, whom were from all over Europe. In brief, Model European Union Strasbourg (MEUS) is the most realistic simulation of the European Union’s legislative process. It allows youth from across Europe to work as an MEP, Minister, Journalist, Interpreter or Lobbyist for one week inside the European Parliament in Strasbourg. This first-hand experience gives participants a true insight to the decision-making process within the European Parliament and Council.

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