The best self-care podcasts online for your mental health

Free online podcasts to soothe your soul

Written by Nicole Glennon


There’s nothing like a good podcast to soothe the soul. Lovingly termed the “podcast hug” by Limerick’s Blindboy Boatclub, there’s something particularly endearing about the podcast format. So, there’s no media platform better suited to discussing the art of self-care. Whether you just want to chill out and de-stress, or learn some skills to better equip you to deal with looking after your mental and physical health, you’re sure to find something in the podcasts below.

The Hardcore Self Help Podcast

Hosted by Dr. Robert Duff, a psychologist from Southern California and author of bestselling self-help books “Hardcore Self Help: F**k Depression” and “Hardcore Self Help: F**K Anxiety”, this podcast is a must-listen. Dr Duff answers questions from his audience about living with a mental illness, being in a relationship with someone with a mental illness, supporting family members and friends with mental illnesses etc. If you have a question about something specific (What can I do when I am the codependent friend? What happens when you’ve feelings for your therapist? Can you have fleeting suicidal tendencies?), you’re guaranteed to have it answered somewhere in the archive. Sometimes the podcast deviates from the usual Q&A formats and is on a specific topic (confidentiality in therapy, all about breathing, tips on public speaking..), or an interview with others in the mental health field.


Self-described as “the podcast where we f**k up so you don’t have to,” Buzzfeed’s Kelsey Darragh and Kate Peterman present this hilarious podcast that’s guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. Not only is it ‘self-care’ because we all need a laugh at least a few times throughout the day, but the pair discuss everything from anxiety and depression to romantic rejection and sexual consent, chronic pain and eating disorders, and self-care itself. It’s unfiltered and there’s no judgement, you will probably learn something and you’ll definitely laugh!


Sarah James, a lifestyle blogger, and her best friend Kristen Howerton, a writer and psychotherapist, host this podcast about “self care and other shit.” They look at how we can practice self-care in a range of areas such as; self-care online, self-care in the face of tragedy and self-care during holidays. They also tackle issues such as body positivity, burnout and friendship. Sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, Sarah & Kristen look at “the distractions and defences that keep us from caring for ourselves like we should.”

Radio Headspace

Headspace is quickly becoming the internet’s worst kept secret when it comes to meditation apps. Along with the free 10 day trial, a subscription to the app features a range of packs on specific topics such as stress, sleep and focus. Currently on Radio Headspace, the podcast is doing a “Packcast Roundtable” where a group of staff trial a pack and report back on how they found it. Previous podcasts have included Q&A with Headspace founder Andy Puddicombe and interviews with various inspiring people.

Ladies Who Lunch

YouTubers Ingrid Nilsen and Cat Valdes host this warm-hearted podcast where they discuss a wide variety of topics ranging from mental health, romance and heartbreak, friendship and family, sex and politics, all with caring for yourself at the core. The ladies offer advice on how to keep yourself informed on news and politics without losing your mind, reconciling with an ex, embracing insecurities and more, doing so through a medium of humour, compassion and love.

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