How running helps my physical and mental health

Running gives Caitlin a chance to clear her head and lifts her energy levels for the day

Written by Caitlin Grant


Caitlin is running the Dublin Marathon on 27th October 2019 in aid of Read about Caitlin’s marathon training below and if you want support her fundraising efforts, you can donate here.

Running gives people the chance to exercise whenever and wherever they want to. It has to be the most accessible way of exercising – just put on your shoes and go. Whether you don’t want to be seen and prefer the mornings, go out for a jog with friends or you’re competitive and decide to race, there’s something in it for everyone. In the hectic life we live in today, it’s vital that we fit in exercise, not only for our physical health but our mental health too. I’ve taken advantage of running over the last few years and I’ve become an all round healthier person because of it.

Mental Health

No matter how anxious or stressed I may feel I always feel better after a run. It’s a great opportunity to practice mindfulness because you can focus on everything around you instead of something you may be finding difficult in your life at that moment. If you’re concentrating on your feet landing on the ground, the nature surrounding you or even your breathing it’s helping you to stay present in the moment. I find it’s a good way to reset my mind to make it more relaxed and help me to get ready for the rest of the day.

No matter if it’s 500m or a marathon if you’re out there you’re achieving something and you’re going to feel proud of yourself for that. I always find that I have more confidence and belief in myself afterwards. My energy levels are better for the day ahead too. It’s mentally challenging to get going and while running, but if you’ve completed it you will feel great about yourself.

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