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Some volunteers are raising vital funds for’s work. Find out more about why they are fundraising

Written by Mike Edgar


Recently, myself and some other volunteers were inspired by fundraising stories we heard from our fellow volunteers, and decided that we wanted to run a fundraiser for I came up with the idea of shaving my head as something I could do from home that would hopefully encourage people to donate. I got in touch with some other volunteers and together we decided to start a Shave or Dye in aid of Since we couldn’t do it in person, we decided to all record ourselves in a style similar to that of a vlog and post it on our social media pages to get the attention of friends and family who may not know a lot about

Why we chose

We chose to fundraise for SpunOut because it’s an organisation that’s very close to our hearts. Whether we’ve been volunteering for a few months or several years, we’ve all seen the amazing work done by and the fantastic opportunities provided to volunteers. We wanted to give back and we felt that by fundraising, we were getting’s name out to our friends and families, while also raising vital funds.

Useful resource for us all

Most, if not all of us, have used to get answers about questions we may have or to learn about the experiences of other people our age. Having the ability to get factual, up-to-date and easy to understand information on a wide range of topics is extremely important for young people. SpunOut is such a valuable resource for young people in Ireland. We want to make sure that any young person that may want to access for whatever reason knows it exists and where to find it.

Shave or Dye

We chose a Shave or Dye fundraiser as it’s one of the most accessible fundraisers while we’re all apart. Hair dye comes in a range of prices, with semi-permanent and permanent variants and anyone shaving their head just needs a trimmer to get started. Despite its relative simplicity, it’s a fundraiser that people always enjoy. We tend to really like seeing people do extreme things to their hair for charity. 

Afterwards you tend to get lots of people commenting or asking about your hair, which can lead naturally into a conversation about why you did it and who you did it for. In this way, this type of fundraiser lives on long passed the day you actually shave/dye your hair. In a similar way, with us all posting pictures and videos online, we all have the chance to talk about in a way that can grab the attention of those who normally wouldn’t see it. In other words, our friends and families can watch us do extreme things to hair, while also learning about a fantastic organisation.

How can I get involved? 

If you want to support our fundraising campaign and the work of, any donation is greatly appreciated. You can donate here. 

We’ll be sharing our videos online and across’s social media so keep an eye out for us on Saturday 16th May. 

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