It’s our right to vote!

Dympna says it is our right to vote – and we need to get out and use it!

Written by Dympna O'Brien


It is the right of every Irish citizen to vote in the up and coming elections. It is an opportunity that millions of people around the world are not given.

The right for women to vote in Ireland was granted just over 80 years ago. As a young woman in a society that is predominantly governed by males, this is one of the reasons I will be voting.
It is so important for people, young and old alike to get out, voice their opinions and demand better education, equality and human rights, better and fairer financial aid grant schemes for those who need it most and better employment schemes.

Voting gives us the opportunity to be part of the decision making that effects our lives both now and in the future. Every single vote counts. I will be voting because I want my voice heard, I want to have a say and I want to make my own decision and not have someone else make. 

Having been involved in student politics, I have seen how valuable every vote is. I have experienced the way someone can shed light on a situation in a whole new manner. This has proved time and time again to me why is it vital that we have our voices heard. I also know how important it is to have the right people in the job. The people who actually care about what is right and will fight for it. But this can only be achieved through us. We are the decision making body in this country. We are the ones who put the government in their position. So we should make sure the right people are there.

To every young person who is not registered to vote or doesn’t vote, I say this; go and register, go and vote. It is our future these elections affect. Stand up, voice your opinion and be counted as a voting member of society. Be counted as someone who contributes to our country and not just through taxes. The power lies in our hands.
Today I read a quote from Hillel the Elder, “If not us, who? If not now, when?” If we don’t start putting our voices and opinions forward now, how do we teach future generations too? If we don’t do it now, will we ever do it? Will we ever let our voices be heard?

We must remember that we are the change we need to see in the future, all we have to do is voice it.

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