It’s your Vagina: Own it!

Take pride in your bits

Written by Eleanor Walsh


There seems to be an obsession in today’s culture with schooling women on how best to share, care for and feel about their own “va-jay jays”. I find myself constantly infuriated by how society disrespects the vagina and by default, its owners. What way are vagina owners being disrespected I hear you say? In more ways than you might realise.

In reality, society’s interference and obsession with women and their private parts is nothing new. In Victorian times, women were prescribed vibrators and told to masturbate their “hysteria” away. During Roman times, if you had an enlarged clitoris; you were diagnosed with “hyper sexuality”.  It seems that society has known and will always know much more about you and your vagina than you do.

While there has been progression from these archaic understandings of the vagina, you would be wrong to think that society today is free from criticism of you and your foof. From magazine features highlighting celebrity women and their camel toes, to the porn industry’s constant portrayal of hair-free nether regions and vaginas with small labia as the norm, vaginas are constantly being discussed, criticised and assessed publicly.

You could be convinced that deviating from the “norms” portrayed publicly in society makes your vagina ugly, gross or even unhealthy. In reality, your vagina, no matter of its shape, size or its landscaping, is beautiful! You possess an anatomical feature that is capable of giving life, how cool is that? And, you can also survive a monthly visit from Aunt Flo and all the unpleasantness that that brings. Being a vagina owner should make you feel empowered and nothing else!

All fantastic functions aside, it can happen that you can be insecure about your lady parts. As a teenager, I struggled with feeling confident about my vagina and always thought there was something wrong because of my asymmetry. It affected me so much that my self-esteem plummeted and I thought I would never be attractive to anyone. I went as far as visiting my doctor and discussing my problem. I was told I had a perfectly healthy vagina and that it is very rare, no matter what society might tell you, to have symmetrical vulva and/or labia. With this knowledge came new confidence and I was determined to feel happy and thankful that I had a healthy and normal vagina. So for anyone struggling with or wondering if your vagina is normal, remember this;

Love your labia

Just because you may have a  more noticeable labia it does not mean there is something wrong with your vagina or it is not attractive. Self-confidence is the most attractive thing you can own.

Own your pubic hair or don’t

It’s completely up to you what way you choose to “landscape” your lady parts. Never let anyone, be they friends or love interests, dictate to you how to wear your hair. If you are comfortable and confident, that’s what matters.

Visit a doctor or nurse

If you are unsure about anything relating to the health and wellbeing of you and your vagina, talk to someone. Nothing is more sexy and attractive than a healthy and happy you.


Remember to enjoy being confident in yourself and your vagina, no matter what shape or size it is. How you feel about yourself is more important than how others feel about you. 


Nothing is more attractive or empowering than a healthy, confident and consenting woman, so learn to love and be comfortable with yourself, right down to you Vagina!

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