Qualities of a good team player

Being part of a team is important to many aspects of life

Written by Brian Manning


Being a good team player is hugely important in all aspects of life. Whether it be in work, school or sport, working well as a team is crucial to success. Without good teamwork skills, group projects will crumble and sports teams will never win. There are a many qualities of a good team player, so here are a few:


When working in a team, communication is key. Lack of communication leads to confusion and confusion leads to failure. A good team player must be able to clearly communicate what they think, what they are going to do, or any issues or concerns they have. This goes for in the office and in the dressing room.


Knowing you can rely on someone can be the difference between a group succeeding or not. Being on time to training or work, being prepared and having your work done on time all are all crucial to the team working together well and gelling seamlessly.


In conjunction with reliability, these two qualities are crucial. Giving 100% in matches, training and in the office and doing everything you can do within your means to help the team will ensure you have the trust and cooperation of your teammates.


Being able to listen and take other people’s points of view into account and not forcing your opinion and ideas on everyone is very important. You are after all, a team.


Being honest with your teammates is hugely important. If you see somewhere or something that one of your peers need to work on, tell them. You don’t have to unpleasant or harsh about it, just helpfully point it out. You must also be honest with yourself and be able to see and admit your own shortcomings.


Being creative is so important in a team. Being able to throw out ideas and envision something in your mind, thinking outside the box, are major assets when it comes to working as a team.

Do you possess these qualities? If not you may want to try work on them to become a better team player. Remember there are many more qualities and attributes that contribute to good working relationships within a team and these are just a brief outline on some of the important ones.

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