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Submission Guidelines

Blog Posts Feb­ru­ary 27th2013

Who can submit content?

  • We accept content from anyone aged 16-25 in Ireland.

What content is SpunOut looking for?

  • We accept all types of media - written articles, videos, podcasts etc. can be submitted
  • We welcome a wide variety of opinions on any topics that interest you and your peers.
  • Before you get started, check to see whether the topics you plan to write about are already covered. Can you put a different slant on the topic? Do you have a different experience of the topic? If so, we’d love to hear about it from your perspective.


  • All articles should be between 500 and 1000 words(ish).
  • Try to ensure your article is easy to read, interesting and engaging to reach as wide an audience as possible
  • We want the article to be true to what you wrote, so if big changes need to be made, we aim to work with you on these. However, may edit your contributions and we reserve the right to publish edited contributions without your prior approval.
  • Including facts in your article? Please include a list of sources for all facts mentioned in your article. Without the sources, we cannot publish your piece.
  • Interviewing someone? Send through contact details for all interviewees in case we need to contact them for their permission, clarifications etc.
  • Articles must be written in your own words, not copied from any other website or publication or this website.
  • We also abide by the Samaritans and Bodywhys guidelines for publishing mental health content. 
  • assumes non-exclusive publication rights on all submissions.
  • Your contributions will be published online on the SpunOut website and may also be posted on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
  • Your contributions may be reproduced in’s print publications or in a print media partnership.
  • Any content with a health impact will be checked by our professional validators.
  • We will not post content that includes abuse or allegations against individuals or groups, articles that discriminate, and prejudice or articles that include hatred, insults or misinformation. We will also not post articles with a commercial agenda.


  • You can request that your contribution is published anonymously.
  • may decide not to print your name on contributions that deal with sensitive or personal issues.

How to submit your contribution

You can submit articles here ( or email them directly to For all other types of media, they can be sent directly to

FAQ from contributors

  • I’m not that comfortable writing articles or making videos. Can anyone help? Yes, email if you need help with your content.
  • I’m not sure if the article is ready to be posted on the website. Help! Send your article (even if it in a rough draft) to and she can work with you to finish your article.  
  • I’ve never written an article for SpunOut before, can I start now? Yes, we accept content for anyone aged 16-25 in Ireland whether or not you have written for before.
  • Do you accept content at any time of the year? Yes, you can send through content at any time during the year.
  • Are there other ways to get involved with SpunOut? Yes, get in touch with to learn more about other ways you can volunteer.
  • Does the topic need to be approved by SpunOut first? Nope, you’re free to write about whatever topic you want. If there are issues with it, we can chat about this when you submit your article or you can email to discuss the topic if you want. 
  • Will all articles/videos/podcasts etc. be accepted and posted on We aim to post any content we receive as long as it meets the above criteria and is in line with our editorial policy. We will let you know if there is a reason we cannot post your contribution.