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Kiki Martire

Outreach and Training Officer

Joined in November 2017


As Outreach and Training Officer, Kiki is responsible for directing efforts to empower national youth organisations, local youth services, youth workers and volunteers to effectively utilise’s resources for young people. In this role, she develops and facilitates educational training programmes and encourages use of’s resources in youth work and volunteer settings.

Originally from the United States, Kiki has a Masters in Equality Studies from UCD, and undergraduate study in Gender theory, English literature, and International immersion. She has previously worked with organisations such as Men Can Stop Rape, Children at Risk, and Ashoka Ireland. Kiki has helped design and facilitate trainings to student and professional groups and has a background in consent education and healthy masculinity work. They have previous research in education reform, gendered policy reform, mind/body links in trauma recovery, and trauma informed care in classroom settings. Past certifications include: Sexual Assault Advocate, Healthy Masculinity facilitator, and Bringing in the Bystander® programming.

Ultimately, Kiki is interested in learning new ways to end interpersonal and systemic oppressions as the ultimate health and wellness approach. In her free time, she can be found reading, writing, dancing around, tending to her garden plot, and generally trying to spread the love.

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01 675 3554