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Action Panel

What is the Action Panel?’s core philosophy is “by young people, for young people”, and the Action Panels are a fundamental part of this. The Action Panels work to provide direction on the information needs of young people, generate solutions for these needs and engage and facilitate the voices of young people. The importance of the Action Panels is exemplified by its formal constitution into our organisational structure with elections to the Board of Directors, and this gives us the direction and leadership to stay in touch with the views of young people from across the country.

While many organisations now have youth reference groups, our Action Panel system was one of the first structures when it was established and this has facilitated us in gaining significant expertise in best practice youth participation. Nearly 140 young people from all over Ireland make up the Youth Action Panel and it is one of the main avenues where we seek to amplify young people’s voices. In early 2018 the Action Panel went from one overall Panel to four Regional Action Panels and in 2019 this grew further with the splitting up of East Midlands into East Midlands and Dublin. In 2020 there was also the additional creation of a Traveller Action Panel, this panel is specifically made up of young Travellers to promote their voices at

What do the Action Panels do?

Members of the Action Panel will be responsible for the following:

  • Offering opinion and creating content for the website
  • Working on gathering momentum for campaigns and event while promoting locally
  • Acting as ambassadors for
  • Being part of campaigns and empower other young people through these campaigns
  • Assisting and represent at festivals and events
  • Consulting on branding decisions
  • Being involved in lobbying, engaging with public representatives and talking to other media and organisations
  • Having a constant and active presence representing young people on the Board of Directors
  • Take part in regular Google Hangouts with the Engagement and Participation Officer

Action Panel Training Programme

One of our goals for Action Panel members is to ensure that they gain meaningful experience from their participation and in early 2019 a Training Programme for Action Panel members was begun. Action Panel members’ had and still have numerous training and workshop opportunities through their participation. However these were previously run on an adhoc basis and because of this it was decided to create a structure with clear objectives and learning outcomes.

Training Programme Objectives

  • To develop the skills and capacity of Action Panel members in all of the five programme areas (see below).
  • For Action Panel members to feel empowered in using the skills learned through out this programme both within and outside of

Programme Areas

  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Public Speaking and Storytelling
  • Journalism
  • Advocacy and Activism
  • Facilitation

Action Panel Structure

The Action Panel structure is made up of five Regional Action Panels, one Traveller Action Panel and one National Action Panel. The National Action Panel meets in Dublin and is made up of six elected members from each Regional Panel. Each Regional Panel and the Traveller Action Panel meets three times over the year and the National Panel twice. We also have a yearly Town Hall event which brings together Action Panel members from all the country and this normally takes place in Dublin.

The counties covered by each of the Regional Panels are:

  • The South West Panel: Cork, Limerick, Clare and Kerry.
  • The West / North West Panel: Galway, Mayo, Roscommon, Sligo, Leitrim, and Donegal.
  • The South East Panel: Carlow, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Waterford and Wexford.
  • The East / Midlands Panel: Laois, Offaly, Kildare, Wicklow, Louth, Meath, Westmeath, Monaghan, Longford and Cavan
  • Dublin: Dublin city and county
  • The Traveller Action Panel: Nation wide

Our Action Panel Members

Tammy Donaghy

Board Member

Zoe Cummins

Vanessa Foster

Valerie McHugh

Tara Flavin

Lorna Mannion

David Roche

Rossa Gilsenan

Ross Boyd

Niamh Kiely

Molly Gordon Boles

Nicole Frazer

Scott Byrne

Niamh Fennell

Cliodhna Gannon

Shane O'Sullivan

Niamh Lusson

Criodán Ó Murchú

Sophie O'Callaghan

Laura Egan

Laura Collins

Dylan Murphy

Amy Prendergast

Jakub Kostanski

Jessie Barrett

Joy Kelliher

Alex Deane

Mark Mcnulty

Ciaran Semahedi

Mair Kelly

Mark Healy

Ciara Robinson

Ellie McLaughlin

Maeve McTaggart

Mike Edgar

David Roche

Ewan Hutchinson

Kate Quinlan

Cole Scahill

Natasha Sutton

Rachael Daiyaolu

Rebecca Adeyemo

Chloe Boland

Diarmuid McDonald

Martha Ryan

Riona Nolan

Courtney Jordan

Ruth Skehan

Lauren Maunsell

Aaron Bowman

Colm Caldwell

Blezzing Dada

Caitlin Grant

Clara De Year

Emily Goss Guidea

Gráinne Jones

Louise Claffey

Caoimhe Ebbs

Rianna Fallon

Reuban Murray

Charienne Layson

David Healy

Katie McCleary

Evana Cassidy

Niamh Quinn

Hannah Leonard

Ciara Lawlor

Leah Walker

Grace Duffy

Hannah O'Sullivan

Cathal finney

Chloe Abijay

Aoife Devlin

Ailbhe Moore

Maisie McMaster

Maisie MacMaster

Sarah O'Donohoe

Sarah Michalek

Natasha Richardson

Margot Tubbiolo

Margot Tubbiolo

Illan Dunne

Holly Berkeley

Sorcha Peters Lynam

Dean Pegman Browne

Aine Healy

Abbie Somers

Emmanuella Jagha

Robert Morgan

Adam Lambe

Katie Blain

Eimer Crowley

Emma Grogan

Siobhan Fitzgerald

Roksana Segeit

Cara Scully

Maeve Gilmore

Orla Byrne

Aiyana Helder

Mary Geraghty

Kerri Murphy

Gemma Crowley

Rhiannon Smith

Amy Hartley

Benita Murinda

Emily Timmins