Applying for a grant as a postgraduate student

Find out if you qualify for a fee grant or other form of support.

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Moving on to postgraduate study can be an exciting time, but some students may have some financial concerns. While postgraduate students are not entitled to full maintenance student grants, you may qualify for a fee grant when pursuing postgraduate studies.

If you are eligible, you can receive a grant from SUSI. You can use their Eligibility Reckoner to see if you are eligible.

What grants are available for postgraduate students?

There are two types of assistance that postgraduates may qualify for:

  • If you pass a contribution means test, you can get a flat-rate fee contribution of €3,500
  • If you meet the “qualifying conditions for the special rate of grant for disadvantaged students”, you could have tuition fees paid and essential field trips (up to €6,270). Find out more from Citizens’ Information

Your grant/fee contribution will be awarded when you confirm acceptance of your place. SUSI will pay it into your bank account.

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Who is eligible for a postgraduate student grant?

To find out if you are eligible for a grant, you can use SUSI’s Eligibility Reckoner.

To be eligible for a grant, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be an Irish, EU, EEA, UK or Swiss National or have specific leave to remain in the State. If you have EU nationality or official refugee status, then you may also apply
  • You must have been living in Ireland, the EU, EEA or Switzerland for the past three out of five years
  • You need to be progressing in your education (increasing your NFQ level)
  • The course you are attending must be attending an approved course in an approved institution. You can read a list of approved institutions and courses on SUSI’s website
  • You must undergo a means test

Funding is only available to students at Postgraduate level for a certain amount of years and depends on their previous education.

What is the means test?

Student grants are means-tested. This means that you or your family’s gross income for the previous full tax year will be taken into account when you apply for a grant. This will determine if you receive a grant and how much you can receive.

Dependent candidates: If you were living with your parents or legal guardian from October 1 of the year before the year of entry to the course, you are considered a dependent candidate. Any income you earned is assessed together with their income. An allowance is made for a certain amount of your earnings outside term-time

Independent candidate: Independent students are mature students aged over 23 who live separately from their parents from 1 October of the year before the year of entry to the course. If you are an independent student, you are assessed on your own income, and that of your spouse, civil partner or cohabitant, if applicable.

Where can I apply for a postgraduate student grant?

Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) is the single grant-awarding authority. It handles all grant applications. You can make an application on their website. You do not have to know the course you will be attending to make an application. 

What are the closing dates to apply for SUSI Grants?

There are different closing dates and these depend on whether you are renewing your grant or it is your first time applying. Find the closing dates on the SUSI website.

I’ve forgotten my login details for my SUSI Grant application

If you have forgotten your login details for your SUSI Grant application you will need to reset your password, username or pin. You can do this at Click the login button and then chose the option underneath of which detail you have forgotten. 

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