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Help against victimisation at work

Find out more about your rights if you're being victimised at work

Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in employment

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Are you being treated unfairly in work? Is it because you tried to access your legal rights as an employee? If so, this is called victimisation and there are laws in place to protect you. All workers have rights, and seeking to avail of those rights isn’t something you should be punished for. 

Ways you can be victimised at work

Your boss can victimise you at work by:

  • Unfairly dismissing you from your job
  • Deliberately treating you unfairly in the workplace
  • Deliberately targeting you for unfavorable changes to your work conditions
  • Reducing your hours in work as punishment.

However, it’s only victimisation if any of these are being done because you tried to access your employment rights. If it’s being done for different reasons, it’s more likely to be workplace harassment or discrimination.

What to do if I’m being victimised at work

If you feel you are being victimised in the workplace you can make a complaint to the Workplace Relations Commission. You will have to submit your complaint form within six months of the last time you were victimised or the day you were dismissed. Sometimes this can be extended to 12 months if you have a good reason for the delay.

Employment rights

The following are your main rights as a worker that you cannot be victimised for looking into, accessing or asking about:

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Published Novem­ber 26th2016
Tags work rights employment rights
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