How can I reskill?

Want to increase your chance in the job market?

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Whether you’re just out of school or feel like your college course or job is not the right direction for you, you always have options. If you feel like a change in career direction or a new challenge but don’t know how to get there, then start with improving your skill set and learning something new.

Reskilling usually refers to unemployed people taking part in training or further education. It usually comprises short-term courses which can increase their chances in the job market.

More and more of these courses are free to unemployed people or at least subsidised so people can avail of a whole range of courses and the good thing about this is the are normally courses targeted at where there is a skills gap and thus related to a job in demand.

Courses to upskill 

This is the programme, whereby people who are unemployed (with a previous history of employment) and receiving a social welfare payment can avail of free, part-time courses in higher education from certificate, to degree, to post-graduate level.

This is another enterprise-led initiative that provides training for the unemployed.

SOLAS provide training and apprenticeships to people who are unemployed or want to change their careers. You may be eligible for a training allowance if you’re available to do these courses. 

Skills for work
This is a national programme aimed at providing training opportunities to help employees deal with the basic skills demands of the workplace. They are run by the Education and Training Boards.

The programme is directed at unemployed young early school leavers aged 15-20. It offers participants the opportunity to identify and pursue viable options within adult life, and provides them with opportunities to acquire certification. It operates on a full-time, year-round basis.

FIT (fasttrack to IT)
FIT provides training in information technology for people who are getting certain social welfare payments or signing for credits. Courses include office administration, web design and programming, broadband communications and PC maintenance.

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