What can a Jobs Club do for you?

Need support with developing your CV or help with interview skills?

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A Job Club brings together unemployed people of all ages who are looking for work. Job Clubs are there to help jobseekers get a job by providing one-on-one support, a drop-in service and workshops.

One-on-one support allows jobseekers to receive practical support like CV writing and interview skills, which will help them in securing a job.

The drop in centre allows jobseekers to avail of the facilities of the Job Club in their job hunt such as using the internet, phone or photocopying service. Workshops can vary from 1-4 weeks and to attend the workshops offered by the Job Club, jobseekers must be referred by an Employment Services Office or Local Employment Service.

The workshops can cover any of the following skills

  • Develop job seeking skills and techniques such as preparing a CV and application letter.
  • Develop an individual job search plan.
  • Prepare for interviews.
  • Development of communication skills as well as body language skills.
  • Identify jobseeker’s strengths and skills and match them to local work opportunities.
  • Explore and analyse local work opportunities.
  • Have access to the facilities of the Job Club (telephones, computer, email, newspapers etc.)
  • Develop a network of contacts which can be of help in getting work.

Get more information about attending a Job Club in your area here or contact your Local Employment Services office or Intreo Centre.

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