What is a P60?

And why you need to make sure you get it at the end of the year

Written by spunout


Your P60 is issued at the end of the year and is a record of how much tax you paid to Revenue during the year. It also details how much money you earned, and a breakdown of the PRSI, USC and PAYE that you paid during the year. 

How does a P60 work?

It is your employer’s responsibility to deduct your PRSI contributions from your wages and paying it, along with the company’s contribution, to Revenue. Each time you get a payslip you’ll see these deductions. The payroll section of your workplace will keep track of your contributions and is obligated to issue you with a P60 within six weeks of the end of the year. 

You need this document if you are claiming a social welfare payment because it informs the Department of Social Protection how many Social Insurance Contributions (PRSI) you’ve paid, and therefore how much and what type of benefits you are entitled to.

If your employer hasn’t given you your P60 then there is a chance that they are not paying the correct contributions for you. If they refuse to issue you with this document after you have requested it, then you should contact Revenue and inform them of this breach.

For more information check out the Revenue website and the Citizens Information website.

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