How to check for testicular cancer

Testicular cancer is one of the most common cancers in men aged 15 to 34 in Ireland

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Testicular cancer is quite rare, but is the most common cancer found in young men aged between 15 – 34 . However, if this cancer is found early, then it can be treated successfully and nearly always cured. So, if you have any of the following symptoms it is important to visit a doctor as soon as possible. The doctor will examine your testicles (balls) and might send you for other tests.

What is testicular cancer?

Testicular cancer is an uncontrolled growth of cells in one or both testicles. These cells cause a lump or a tumour. There is a danger that cancerous cells will break away from the tumour and grow into new lumps in other parts of the body.

If you notice a lump, hardness or change in one or both of your testicles (balls) then see a doctor. It’s probably harmless, but you need to check with a doctor. The lump is usually not painful but it can cause a bit of discomfort or heaviness in the testicle or scrotum. One testicle might become larger after puberty.

You are at greater risk if one testicle (ball) is missing, or has not dropped into the scrotum (ball bag) yet. If you think you have this, then visit a doctor as it  can usually be easily corrected.

Checking for testicular cancer 

Treatment for testicular cancer

Testicular cancer is one of the easiest cancers to treat, very often it can be cured.Treatment can vary but the first type of treatment is usually sugery. Your treatment will depend on the size and type of cancer, if it has spread and your general health.

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