10 recipes you need to survive college life

Try these simple and tasty meals to get you through

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When you first move out of home and have to feed yourself three square meals a day, it can be tough to keep it healthy and nutritious. We’ve compiled some of the easier, but still tasty, with a sprinkling of cheap recipes that all students should learn. 

  1. Omelettes – these are so versatile that once you have eggs, you can mix and match toppings to suit any meal of the day really. Add cheese and tomatoes or chicken – whatever is in the cupboard tends to work well in omelette format!
  2. Lasagne – this is ideal for lunch or dinner! Cooking a big batch at the start of the week means multiple meals sorted. Take away the meat, add more veg and it’s perfect for vegetarians and super filling.
  3. Soup – this is another versatile recipe. It’s easy to buy in the shops but can often have high salt content so it may be healthier to make your own. And if you make enough at the start of the week you can refrigerate and reheat for leftovers.
  4. Spaghetti Bolognese – Tasty and filling, this is a great recipe for any student to learn.  Also another perfect meal for freezing and having later on.
  5. Baked potato – These are so tasty and you can add lots of different fillings. Anything from tuna to rashers work well with this recipe.
  6. Stir-fry – Learning to make stir-fries is a great because you can get plenty of your essential 5-a-day into the meal. You can go vegetarian or add chicken/beef/pork to change it up.
  7. Cottage pie – This is a great recipe for something really wholesome and filling. It’s also ideal for leftovers and you can try sweet potatoes instead of regular if you like.
  8. Veggie burger – This recipe is easier than you think and super tasty. Not only is this simple and cheap, but it’s helping you get that 5-a-day.
  9. Chicken risotto – Another filler upper, this is a little more time intensive than some of the recipes on this list but is a great alternative meal if you’ve got the time.
  10. Toast – Scrambled eggs or beans on toast are really simple and quick snacks to make. And let’s be honest, will come to the rescue for many a student during your time in college. 

And don’t forget these 5 simple things you can make in your microwave:

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