What are JobPath services for jobseekers?

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JobPath is a programme to employment which is aimed mainly at people who are long-term unemployed (over 12 months) to assist them in securing and keeping full-time paid employment or self-employment.  

JobPath services

Rollout of JobPath began in July 2015. There are two different organisations delivering the JobPath programme in Ireland; Seetec and Turas Nua.

Referral to JobPath

Jobseekers will be selected on a random basis for referral to JobPath. If you are selected for JobPath you will receive a letter inviting you to an information session where you will receive information on the service that will be available to you while on JobPath. Following the information session, you will be given a one-to-one meeting with an advisor who will work with you to help you get a job.

JobPath services for jobseekers

Participants on JobPath will receive intensive individual support to help them address any barriers to employment and to assist them in finding jobs. You will spend a year on the programme and if they are placed into a job they may continue to receive support for the first year of employment. During your time on JobPath you may also be referred for further education and training opportunities.

How will it work?

If selected for JobPath you will be invited to a one-to-one meeting with the JobPath provider within 20 days of being referred by the Department of Social Protection. From that meeting the JobPath provider will work with you for 12 months.

The one-to-one meeting will be with a Personal Advisor who will work with you to agree a ‘Personal Progression Plan’. This plan must identify the fields of work appropriate for you and the barriers to employment facing you, and the agreed actions to overcome the barriers, the person’s job/ employment goals. If you have been unsuccessful in getting work you will meet with your advisor at least every 4 weeks.

If you have been successful in finding work the JobPath provider will provide ‘In employment support’ for at least 13 weeks.

Social welfare payment

Jobseekers will retain their full social welfare payment on JobPath. However, failure to engage with the programme may affect a person’s welfare payment.

Is participation in JobPath compulsory?

Yes. There is a requirement that if selected the unemployed person engages with the JobPath provider. If a person does not attend the initial meeting, a second meeting is organised. If the person does not attend either of these meetings without a good reason the JobPath provider will notify the Department of Social Protection (DSP). This may result in the reducing or stopping of the person’s Jobseekers payment.

Need more information?

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