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New research shows that pre-millennials spend 5.5 hours online daily

More pre-millennials and millennials are turning towards online services

Written by Megan Stonecipher and posted in life

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The organisation iReach has just released new research pertaining to pre-millennials and their online activity. It has been found by iReach that pre-millennials spend more than five hours a day on the internet- viewing TV shows, listening to music and viewing social media.  

An increasing amount of pre-millennials and millennials are turning towards online services in order to watch TV and stream shows and movies.  Netflix is known to be the most popular streaming service, with 82% of 15-18 year olds using it.  Followed by 41% of pre-millennials using Putlocker and 25% using Watchseries.  More and more people are using their smartphones to stream shows and movies, which also supports the notion that the majority of pre-millennials are watching TV online rather than from traditional broadcasting and cable TV.  

Overall the rates for pre-millennials and millennials watching on-demand services on their laptops is increasing, with 66% of pre-millennials and 51% of millennials watching on-demand services online.  

In addition to viewing TV content online, pre-millennials are listening to more music online and spending more time on social media.  Spotify is the most popular service for listening to music online, with 53% of pre-millennials using it, and 46% of pre-millennials are logged into social media all day.  

Overall we continue to see a steady increase in use of online services with Ireland’s pre-millennials and millennials.  

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Published July 3rd, 2017
Last updated July 4th, 2017
Tags online social media internet
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