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What to do when waiting for a text or call

It can frustrating to wait for someone to get in touch

Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in life

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So you just went out and met someone. You chatted, clicked, exchanged numbers and made plans to connect again. Now you are waiting for that call/text; waiting for a sign, any sign that they like you and wants to meet up again. Of course, every minute spent waiting for a text/call feels like an hour, as you anxiously press the return button on your phone, over and over, just in case you have missed that sacred text. It’s not much fun really.

How to wait for a text or call 

Give it time

This is the number one rule for contact. It’s very hard when each minute seems to last an hour, but give the other person time to contact you before you freak out and assume that you will never hear from them again. It depends on the situation of course, but a week is a reasonable timeframe to expect to hear from someone. If you hear from them the next day, great, but be aware that they may take a lot longer to contact you. They may be busy, stressed or simply shy.

Distract yourself 

Instead of sitting around waiting and hoping, why not go out with your friends? Or do something nice for yourself. If all else fails, have a think about cleaning your bedroom.

Remember your self-worth

Whether Mr or Mrs Right calls you or not, you are still a great person. They may not want a relationship, they may have just been flirting, or they may already be in a relationship. This doesn’t change anything about you. You are still the nice, smart, cool person you were before you met this person.

Get some perspective 

Try not to take it so personally. Put yourself in their shoes. There are about a million different reasons why you might meet someone you like and not pursue it. The same applies to them. The simple fact is that the person wouldn’t have bothered to spend any time with you if they didn’t like you in some way.

Make the first move

If you really get fed up, call or text yourself and see if the other person replies. If they don’t, then at least you know you have done your best and won’t have any regrets. Wait a few days before you initiate contact first though. You don’t want to appear too pushy and you will probably feel better if they have contacted you first anyway.

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Published Jan­u­ary 23rd2013
Last updated June 19th2018
Tags relationships
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