Youth groups for young Travellers in Ireland

There are a number of organisations across Ireland offering activities and services to young Travellers

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Joining a youth group can be a great way to get to know other people with similar interests or experiences to you. No matter what your background is, you deserve to feel welcomed at any youth group.

If you are a young Traveller in Ireland and you would like to join a Traveller-only youth space, there are services across the country offering youth groups and activities to bring young Travellers together to get to know one another. 

This can be a chance to meet other Travellers and have a sense of belonging and shared identity together in a safe space.

Joining a youth group as a young Traveller

It’s important to know that you can join any youth group in Ireland – not just Traveller-specific groups. You deserve to feel welcomed in any youth group, and to be able to take part in activities that interest you. You can find a list of youth groups across the country on the Youth Work Ireland website.

If you ever feel that a youth group is not welcoming to you, you can speak to someone at the organisation who runs the group, or reach out to a Traveller organisation for advice and support.

Youth groups for young Travellers in Ireland

Find out about groups and services in your area below:


Involve is a national organisation providing youth services to young Travellers in Ireland. Find out about local groups below:

Youth Work Ireland

Youth Work Ireland have youth groups all over the country open to all young people in Ireland. Travellers are welcome to join any group part of Youth Work Ireland, and you can find out more about groups around the country on the Youth Work Ireland website.

There are also a number of Youth Work Ireland services with dedicated groups for Travellers, including:

If your local Youth Work Ireland group is not listed above, you can still get in touch with them and ask if they run any activities for Travellers – and remember you are welcome to join any Youth Work Ireland group.

ITM Young Travellers’ Forum

The Irish Traveller Movement (ITM) has created a space for young Travellers to come together and discuss issues that are important to them, influence decision making, reflect on their culture and identity and meet other young Travellers from across Ireland.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Young Travellers’ Forum, you can contact [email protected] – the forum is open to young Travellers all across Ireland. Traveller Action Panel

The Traveller Action Panel is a space for young Travellers aged 16-25 to come together to have their voice heard and get to know other young Travellers in Ireland. 

The Traveller Action Panel is there to guide on the topics that are important to them and let us know the type of information they would like to see on the website. As a member of the Action Panel, you will take part in meetings, offer your thoughts on the topics on the site and participate in training in areas like personal and professional development, activism, public speaking, and more.

Find out more about the action panel here or contact [email protected] for more information.

Bray Travellers Community Development Group

The Bray Travellers Community Development Group run weekly activities for young Travellers in partnership with other youth services in Bray.

Their youth group runs from 3-5pm on Thursdays. Find out more about the Bray Travellers Youth Group here.

Dublin: Exchange House

Exchange House is a National Traveller Service providing different services to Travellers across the country, including family support, mental health services, addiction services, education and training, and children and young people’s services. The Exchange House Youth Service provides young Travellers with opportunities to take part in a number of youth activities such as after-school programmes, on and off-site youth work, a stay in school programme and other activities.

Youth activities are available to young Travellers in different areas across Dublin. Find out more about the Exchange House Youth Service.

Dublin: Southside Travellers Action Group

The Southside Travellers Action Group run youth programmes for young Travellers in the Dunlaoghaire/Rathdown area, with activities available in Sandyford as well. Activities are available to young people aged 10-21.

Activities include life skills programmes, outdoor adventures, art summer programmes, sports and health activities, and Traveller Culture Youth Action programmes.

Find out more about the Southside Travellers Action Group youth activities.

Dublin: TravAct Youth Project

The TravAct Youth Project is open to all young Travellers living in North Dublin. The Youth Project is open to young Travellers from 10-25 years of age, and offers a range of youth activities and provides a space for young Travellers to come together. The project can also offer support with applying for jobs, creating CVs and doing interviews.

TravAct is an organisation of Travellers and settled people working together in North Dublin to tackle the root causes of Traveller exclusion and promote their equality and human rights within the Irish Society.

If you’re interested in joining the TravAct Youth Project, you can contact youth workers Maureen Ward or Bridgy Collins for more details.

Offaly Traveller Movement

The Offaly Traveller Movement has a number of youth activities for young Travellers to take part in, including drop-in clubs, drama and film projects, health and sport programmes, and education advice and support.

Find out more about the Offaly Traveller Movement youth activities.

Sligo Traveller Support Group

The Sligo Traveller Support Group offers educational support and services to young Travellers from primary to secondary, with support and advice for moving onto third level. They also offer courses in things like cookery, sewing, and life skills like car maintenance, garden maintenance and electrical skills.

Find out more about the Sligo Traveller Support Group educational support.

Wicklow Travellers Group

The Wicklow Travellers Group run a number of different group activities, including a fishing group and youth groups for boys and girls of different ages. They also run drug awareness programmes and education. 

Find out more about the Wicklow Travellers group.

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