Making Europe more accessible to young people

The EU has released films to explain the benefits of being in Europe

Written by Grainne Jones


The European Union (EU) released five films to make Europe more accessible to young people on Wednesday.

The European Commission released five short films to show how the rights and benefits available in the EU improve people’s lives.

The Citizen’s Dialogue on the Future of Europe was held on Wednesday in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin, and two of the films were shown.

Benefits of the EU

Many young people do not realise the rights and benefits that they have from living in the EU.

The five films “aim to start a conversation about the EU’s impact on the lives of young people, aged 17-35 every single day”.

Each film focuses on a different aspect of the rights and benefits that people enjoy because of being EU citizens.


  • Find a job, work and live in any EU Member State
  • Gain new skills by studying, training or volunteering abroad
  • Get emergency health-care anywhere in the EU
  • See the sights of Europe easily


  • Enjoy clean water, cleaner air and protected nature
  • Make a difference in the fight against climate change
  • Recycle, reuse, repair, and stop plastic getting into our seas
  • Eat healthy, safe and affordable food that's fair to the people who produced it
  • Benefit from research that aims to help you, your family and the planet

Skills and business

  • Get training, gain important skills and prepare for the future
  • Find a good job, or get coaching to help you
  • Start, manage and grow a business with support from the EU
  • Get paid holiday, maternity leave and other benefits when working


  • Call, text and use data at no extra cost when exploring the EU
  • Surf the internet from any country in the European Union
  • Know that your personal data is safe and being handled with care


  • Get compensation if transport is delayed, and get help in any EU country's embassy abroad
  • Return items bought online within 14 days, and other rights as a consumer
  • Vote in European elections
  • Live in a fair society that guarantees equality, and protects your human rights


The #EUandME campaign was launched in May 2018 and will run for 18 months across Europe.

It will feature the five films, open-air events, and stories about empowered EU citizens.

There will also be a Young Film Directors competition, where young people can enter films about how the EU helps people to do what they love.

If you would like to have a look at all five films that have been launched by the EU, they can be found here.

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