The One Thing Campaign: Young people use their voice in the Brexit debate

Have your voice heard in the Brexit Debate

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Sinn Féin MP Martina Anderson together with her political group in the EU, GUE/NGL have launched the One Thing About Brexit campaign, an interactive campaign to give young people a platform to have their say in the Brexit debate.

The One Thing Campaign 

The One Thing Campaign aims at making the voices heard of young people in Ireland/ Northern Ireland who will be affected most by Brexit.

The One Thing Campaign highlights how the majority of young people in Northern Ireland were not eligible to vote and had no say in the referendum. Out of the young people who were eligible to vote, 75% voted to remain in the EU.

So far in Brexit negotiations The One Thing Campaign believes the voices of young people have hardly been considered. They believe that because of this there is a risk that the concerns and issues for young people may not be reflected in the final Withdrawal Agreement.

Make your voice heard

If you want to make your voice heard in the One Thing Campaign they ask you get involved in the following ways:

  • Follow the One Thing Campaign on Facebook.
  • Share “one thing” concerns you most about leaving the EU or the one thing you most want protected.
  • You can do this by posting a short video or a written message to your own Facebook page and then tagging One Thing about Brexit.

Lobby your politicians

Other steps you can take is to lobby your politicians regarding your concerns on Brexit. You can find a full list of the politicians you can contact about your concerns here. You can also find a sample letter you can use to lobby politicians on the One Thing Campaign Facebook page.

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