First Fortnight Lineup 2018

Ireland’s Mental Health Arts Festival

Written by Rebekah Connolly


First Fortnight: The Art of Mental Health 

The First Fortnight mental health arts festival is currently taking place across 17 counties in Ireland for the first two weeks in January. The festival is made up of Arts events aimed at challenging mental health stigma.

 First Fortnight first began eight years ago by a group of volunteers who saw the need for more open dialogue around mental health in Ireland.This year there is a lineup of over 100 live events including concerts, spoken word events and theatre performances.


Some of the events taking place around Ireland as part of First Fortnight include: 

Leads 2 Better Mental Health

  • Leads 2 Better Mental Health is an event in association with Leads to Love, an Irish online dating and walk site for dog lovers. The event, which takes place in Blackrock Castle, Cork on the 14th of January invites dog-lovers to come together to enjoy a dog-filled day outdoors for walks and chats. Both dog owners and those without dogs are welcome to join the event. For more information click here.

Therapy Sessions

  • Therapy Sessions featuring music, spoken word and poetry will take place across Cork and Dublin as part of the First Fortnight festival. Delorentos will play a three-piece acoustic set at The Workman’s Club in Dublin on Friday January 12th which will also feature Bleeding Heart Pigeons. For more information click here.

“Lunatic, There I go”

  • “Lunatic, There I go” is a new play based on the memoir of “Bird’s Nest Soup” by Hanna Greally which will be staged in the Civic Theatre, Tallaght until January 6th. The play is based on the true story of Hanna Greally who was wrongly incarcerated in St. Loman’s psychiatric institution, Mullingar for 18 years. Click here for more information and to find tickets.

First Light

  • First Light music nights will take part at the Hawkswell Theater, Sligo on 12th of January at 8pm and The Glens Centre, Manorhamilton on 13th January at 8pm. Performers include Adrian Crowley, the Nocturnes, Sorcha Fox and Stephen Murphy. For further information click here.

To find the full list of events included in the First Fortnight festival click here

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