Limerick Institute of Technology introduces new courses geared towards Youth Work

Courses offer new and innovative ways to engage young people in Youth Work

Written by Megan Stonecipher


The Limerick Institute of Technology’s (LIT) Department of Flexibility has just released new courses pertaining to youth work.  These courses have been designed by youth workers across Ireland and Europe and are geared towards introducing you to new and innovative ways of engaging and encouraging young people in Youth Work.

They offer four new courses geared towards youth work:

  • Certificate in ‘Games for Youth Engagement’ – focuses on how digital and non-digital games can motivate young people on an individual, group, and social level.
  • Certificate in ‘Technology Enhanced Youth Work’ – teaches participants the skills to engage through film, social media, audio and digital animation.
  • Certificate in ‘Global Youth Work and Development Education’ – reflects on internalization of youth work and the connections being made between local and global issues of justice and sustainability.
  • Global Youth Work with Games and Digital Media Course – a Masters programme that covers the content talked about in all three of the certificates and which participants can apply for directly or with completion of the three certificates.

The courses are very flexible in the sense that they are tailored to the needs of the participants, especially those who are currently employed or volunteering.  All of the courses are online, so all assignments, course material, and class lectures can be found and completed online.

If you wish to apply for a course or want to learn more about what each course entails, you can do so here by clicking on the courses that interest you: Games for Youth Engagement, Technology Enhanced Youth Work, Global Youth Work and Development Education, and Global Youth Work with Games and Digital Media Course.

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