Mental Health Recovery Courses starting in Dublin

The Recovery College is open to people in North Dublin, Louth and Meath

Written by Tricia Purcell


The Recovery College has announced their new series of innovative Mental Health Recovery Courses, supporting people to overcome distress and the winter blues.   

These creative and empowering learning spaces are open to everyone with an interest in Mental Health and Wellbeing throughout the North Dublin, Louth and Meath areas.

Coming into their second term, The Dublin North, North East Recovery College is a not-for profit Community based initiative offering educational courses that harness the knowledge, skills and experience of all involved.  

They aim to create a culture of recovery throughout the Dublin North, Louth and Meath communities. The college provides spaces where participants not only choose their own courses to explore the potential of recovery in ways that suits them, students also help design and deliver the courses they provide.

In 2017 the college will host a number of empowering courses including, Confidence for Life, My Community, My Wellbeing, Infected with Happiness and Recovery: Learning Together. Applications for these courses are open to everyone with an interest mental health wellbeing and recovery.  Applications will be open from January 16th. Please note course starting dates have yet to be confirmed.

Full course details are available on

People with lived experience are central to the development of this much needed community based initiative, which is being supported by the HSE, DCU, DKIT, the Irish Advocacy Network, Advancing Recovery Ireland and Respond Housing. 

To register your interest in participating here:

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