Sásta – the new youth festival

A new festival for 15-18 year olds will take place in August

Written by Grainne Jones


Sásta, a new youth festival, will take place at the Lilliput Adventure Centre in Co. Westmeath on 18 August.

Sásta is a one day festival that aims to highlight mental health awareness with young people through music, dance, visual arts, crafts and yoga.

There will also be group workshops focusing on mental health and suicide prevention.

How Sásta began

Sásta was created by 16-year-old Zach Wright after meeting Jim Breen from Cycle Against Suicide.

Zach decided to help spread the message that “it’s okay not to feel okay”, and has climbed mountains around the world to raise awareness.

The festival organisers say that the main aim of the day “is to increase awareness of the vital issues of mental health and suicide prevention and to reduce the stigma surrounding them by opening up the conversation”.

The festival

The festival will have many different activities, including

  • Rock climbing
  • Spider Mountain
  • The Inflatable City
  • Yoga
  • Face and body painting
  • Crafts village
  • Mental health and suicide prevention workshops

There will also be a laser light show with DJ John Gibbons, as well as other acts such as DJ Justy, ZALI, Simon James, Fallen Lights, Katie Gallagher and local acts Meghan Bates and Jeffs Mancave.

The festival will take place on 18 August from 4:30pm to 11:30pm, and tickets cost €23.50 per person.

For more information about the festival, and to book tickets, visit the Lilliput Adventure Centre website.

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