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We are looking for 16-25 year olds living in Ireland to share their views and help lead spunout.

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Do you want to be a part of spunout? Are you looking for a space to share your views and experiences and to help other young people in Ireland? We are currently looking for 16-25 year olds in Ireland to join the spunout Action Panel and help shape the direction of Ireland’s Youth Information Website.

spunout is a youth-led organisation. We are by young people, for young people, and our Action Panel members are central to the decisions we make and the issues we cover. We are looking for more young people like you to help inform us of the needs of young people in Ireland.

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What happens on the Action Panel?

As an Action Panel member, you have the opportunity to meet other young people, talk about the issues you care about, attend events and have new experiences.

“Joining spunout has been an incredible experience. It is like one big family! spunout has been there for me in some of the hardest times of my life and I have always felt incredibly supported by everyone here” – Chloe, Action Panel Member.

Join over 130 young people across Ireland to lead the organisation and take part in activities like:

  • A chance to talk openly about the issues you care about
  • Meeting new people and connecting with other young people in Ireland
  • Engaging in discussion about the challenges young people in Ireland are facing today
  • Deciding what content should be on the website
  • Gaining new skills and having exciting new experiences through Action Panel member opportunities
  • Representing spunout and attending official spunout events

Apply now to join the spunout Action Panel.

Do I need experience to be on the Action Panel?

You do not need to have any specific experience or have worked with any other youth groups in the past to join the Action Panel. Your experience as a young person living in Ireland is all you need.

“When joining, I felt nervous if I’d make friends and if I could contribute enough. After joining I felt fully heard and was welcomed by Action Panel members who I now call my friends, and have grown personally” – Ross, Action Panel Member.

Where do Action Panel meetings take place?

The Action Panel is divided into five regional panels across the country. The regional panel you join will depend on where you live.

  • The South West Panel: Cork, Limerick, Clare and Kerry.
  • The West/North West Panel: Galway, Mayo, Roscommon, Sligo, Leitrim, and Donegal.
  • The South East Panel: Carlow, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Waterford and Wexford.
  • The East/Midlands Panel: Laois, Offaly, Kildare, Wicklow, Louth, Meath, Westmeath, Monaghan, Longford and Cavan
  • Dublin: Dublin city and county

Action Panel meetings take place both online and in person.

In addition to the regional panels, there are opportunities to join the following groups:

  • Traveller Action Panel: Nationwide
  • BAME (Black, Asian, Minority, Ethnic) Action Panel: Nationwide

How often do Action Panel meetings take place?

Regional panels meet three times a year, with a town hall meeting once a year to bring members from all regional panels across the country together for a day. Members are expected to attend at least three of these four meetings during the year.

There are other opportunities for social events and gatherings throughout the year, and Action Panel members are always connected via Slack to keep in touch online outside of meetings.

“spunout is an amazing organisation. I love getting involved in matters that concern us young people, in a relaxed & informal environment, with amazing diverse friends!” – Blezzing, Action Panel Member.

How to apply for the Action Panel

If you’re aged 16-25 and living in Ireland, you can apply to be on the spunout Action Panel by filling out this form.

What opportunities are available on the Action Panel?

As a member of the Action Panel, you’ll get the chance to take part in events and other exciting opportunities with spunout and other organisations. Our members have assisted with Government initiatives, taken part in media interviews with the Irish Examiner, RTÉ, and other news outlets, and attended events on behalf of spunout.

“From the fantastic training we receive and the countless opportunities to get outside my comfort zone, to learning from my peers and contributing content to the website, my experience with the Action Panel has been truly incredible. An eye opener to the fierce power that young people hold on Ireland” – Eimer, Action Panel Member.

There are also a number of opportunities built into the Action Panel experience, including:

Action Panel Training Programme

All members will take part in the Action Panel Training Programme, which brings professionals from different industries to Action Panel meetings to support you in gaining skills in areas like:

  • Personal and professional development
  • Advocacy and activism
  • Inclusivity and diversity awareness
  • Interview prep and employability
  • Consent

“Since joining the spunout Action Panel, it has opened up a world of new experiences for me, has aided my personal growth, and has helped me improve as a person” – Adam, Action Panel Member

National Panel Elections

The National Panel is made up of elected members from all five regional action panels. The members of the National Panel are there to represent their regional panel at meetings, give updates on what your regional panel has been up to, and discuss campaign ideas to decide what focus the Action Panel want to take each year.

Any Action Panel can run for election to the National Panel, which takes place each year.

Joining the spunout Board of Directors

Two members of the the Action Panel can be nominated to join the spunout Board of Directors. These members attend board meetings to represent Action Panel members across the country. Any Action Panel member can run for election to the Board of Directors.

Apply for the Action Panel now

If you’re aged 16-25 and living in Ireland, you can apply to be on the spunout Action Panel by filling out this form.

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